importance of ceiling insulation
Importance of Ceiling Insulation
December 3, 2016
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Types of Ceilings
December 5, 2016
types of ceiling insulation

There are many types of ceiling insulation through out world. As we know ceiling insulation has been standard in all homes in 1st world countries. In some countries ceiling insulation is referred to as loft insulation. In this post we will cover the types of ceiling insulation available and there benefits.

Types of Ceiling Insulation

types of ceiling insulation

Polyester insulation types are manufactured from PET plastic bottles. In fact this would be pollution in our environment for up to 400 years. So polyester is regarded as the most Eco friendly ceiling insulation type.

Isotherm insulation is the flag ship of all the polyester insulation types in our opinion. Roof Insulation Western Cape carefully select the types of insulation products that we install. And the Isotherm 145 mm has been one of our most successful type we have installed. In fact our referral rate with Isotherm is 24%. This is great as our clients love the benefits.

The consistency is great and the Isotherm is SABS approved. Manufactured by a company listed on the stock market. Also one of the reasons why we prefer this insulation. Over smaller manufacturing plants.

Platinum fibre is another polyester type that is emerging on the market. At this point there is not enough success data for us to comment on the insulation as most of the products manufactured are under specification for our region. The R-value of 3.70 is important. And we are sure when this can be achieved this ceiling insulation type will be a market contender.

Think Green polyester insulation is way under spec for the Western Cape region. In my opinion the Think Green being way under specification for the Western Cape region is not an option. All our installations are as per the SANS legislation and at this point we are not happy to install this product.

Fibreglass Types of Ceiling Insulation

Think Pink Aerolite is a fibre glass insulation that has been on the market for many years. Aside from the itch factor the Aerolite is still regarded as one of the best Veiling insulation products wold wide. The Think Pink Aerolite types of ceiling insulation are great as thermal insulation for ceilings. This product achieves the R values as specified for all regions. This insulation will save on energy giving you life long saving.

Enegylite is also manufacture from recycled glass and is ideal in American style homes. As this insulation is a higher density and has great thermal properties.






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