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October 27, 2017
reduce heat in your home with insulation

Reduce Heat in your Home With Insulation

A question asked by many homeowners. Will Insulation reduce heat in my home? The answer to that can be yes or no. Any Roof Insulation Product will certainly reduce the temperature or heat gain in your home. And this, of course, will only be the case if the Isotherm Roof Insulation has been installed correctly. In order to Reduce Heat in Your Home With Insulation, it is important to install the correct Insulation. Reduce Heat in your Home With Insulation Firstly the correct Roof Insulation Product for your area must be installed. The correct thickness for the Western Cape Region is the 145mm Isotherm Insulation. The Isotherm Thermal Insulation must […]
January 27, 2017
Living Off The Grid


Generate energy and living off the grid. Energy bills are loathed by many South Africans and if they could, most would live off the grid to avoid them. Living off the grid is a dream for many but in reality, anyone can generate energy and live off the grid or at the very least minimise energy use. There are two sides to living off the grid, the first is to be entirely self-sufficient and the second is to use less energy, even self-generated energy. Using less power and making some changes in energy use is the way to begin a journey toward living off the grid. Even when generating energy using […]
January 15, 2017
roof insulation types


December 30, 2016

Best Roof Insulation

In this post, let’s have a look at what could be considered as the best roof insulation. Every manufacturer claims their roof insulation is the best. With more than 30 years the roof insulation industry we will have a look at the main contenders and grade the insulation products on these criteria. There are many Roof Insulation products in South Africa and worldwide. However, like cars or any other commodity, not all are equal. All Roof Insulation products in South Africa must be SANS compliant to be installed in new homes as per the legislation. However, having insulation that meets the requirements of the test is one thing the other […]

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