January 27, 2017
Living Off The Grid


Generate energy and living off the grid. Energy bills are loathed by many South Africans and if they could, most would live off the grid to avoid them. Living off the grid is a dream for many but in reality, anyone can generate energy and live off the grid or at the very least minimise energy use. There are two sides to living off the grid, the first is to be entirely self-sufficient and the second is to use less energy, even self-generated energy. Using less power and making some changes in energy use is the way to begin a journey toward living off the grid. Even when generating energy using […]
January 15, 2017
roof insulation types


January 15, 2017
new wood burning stoves


New Hot Wood Burning Stoves are cool. It is a fact; energy efficient, clean-burning wood stoves are more popular than ever and make an attractive and practical addition to any home. Since the dawn of time, when man first made fire the fireplace has been central to anywhere he lived. A fire has defined civilization, it has provided warmth, it has cooked food and it has powered machines. Of course burning wood does have its downside and the smoke with its associated gases runs alongside keeping wood resources renewed. Thankfully regulations, improve farming and smarter hot new wood stoves help reduce the negatives. Get The Best Out Of Wood Burning […]
January 14, 2017
Isotherm insulation installers


Roof Insulation Western Cape are professional ISOTHERM insulation installers. Having Isotherm Insulation installed in your roof space means absolutely nothing unless installed correctly. In fact, you will have more pleasure giving the money for the insulation to the homeless. That’s a bit harsh you might think. Having been in the Roof Insulation industry for many years we are called out to homes were part-timers have insulated the roof space. And the client is complaining that the insulation that they had installed is not working. On inspection is easy to see that the local handyman or a clueless DIY guy has had a go at it. Isotherm Insulation Installers Install Correctly […]

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