Insulation for Cold Homes
May 1, 2016
isotherm thermal insulation for roofs
Isotherm Thermal Insulation
November 29, 2016

Roof Insulation Products for domestic as well as Commercial buildings including shopping centres as well as Hospitals and Schools. In fact we stock all types of Roof Insulation Products, the only insulation we will not do are the blown in or pumped in paper type insulation products. We specialise in removing the blown in or paper type insulation products. In fact Roof Insulation Cape has now imported two large industrial vacuum machines for the removal of paper to reduce the lead time.

Roof Insulation Products

  • Isotherm 145mm Thick SANS compliant achieving the R-value of 3.70 as per legislation. The absolute rolls royce of Roof Insulation products. Therfor is a Eco friendly, dust free, allergy free roof insulation product with a 30 year manufacturer guarantee.
  • The Aerolite 135mm Thick is SANS compliant achieving the R-value of 3..70 as per legislation. As Aerolite is manufactured from recycled glass bottles so it is a fibreglass.
  • Cavity bat is a fiberglass insulation product ideal for dry wall insulation. Cavity bat will reduce heat flow in Dry walls as well as reduce noise substantially.
  • Ecose Insulation is a insulation product used mostly in Europe and imported by us. Echoes is ideal for sound insulation between floors.

As of January 2013 Roof Insulation has become compulsory on all new build homes, the most used insulation has been the Isotherm 145mm for the Western cape region as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria. The Isotherm 145mm thick is product of choice by most home owners because of the fact that it is dust free, allergy free, 30 year product.

Roof Insulation Products Areas Covered

Cape Town,  Southern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, Somerset West, Gordonsbay, Fishoek, and the entire Western Cape including the Karoo and Route 62.

Johannesburg, Pretoria, Midrand, as well as all Gauteng regions.

Mosselbay, George Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, Oudtshoorn,KZN

With branches in most regions we cover most of South Africa



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