Products installed and distributed by Roof Insulation are all Eco-Friendly Insulation products manufactured from recycled products like Plastic bottles. Plastic bottles will remain pollution in our environment for more than 1000 years. Only approximately 21% of all plastic bottles are recycled this makes Isotherm Insulation one of the most Eco-Friendly Insulation Products in the world.

Isotherm Insulation is supplied in various thicknesses for all applications. From Sans approved 145mm thick Isotherm Insulation Products as well as the entry level Isotherm Insulation Products.

Isotherm is manufacture from recycled plastic bottles and is regarded as one of the most eco-friendly insulations on the market.

Aerolite Think Pink Insulation supplied in Various thicknesses from 50mm thick up to 135mm thick. The 135mm Thick Aerolite is the Sans compliant thickens for the Western Cape region. Isotherm Eco Friendly Insulation Installers as well as Aerolite Installers and Isotherm installers in the following Towns and Areas: (Roof and Ceiling insulation in Cape Town and surrounding areas) Roof Insulation also known as Loft Insulation and Loft Room Insulation is now compulsory on all new homes as of January 2013. Thermal Insulation for Roofs is the best way to reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer

Roof Insulations Western Cape – specialists in the field of Roof Insulation Installation. There is no better way to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter that with roof insulation. Roof Insulations Install Aerolite

Insulation, Isotherm insulation, Think Pink, Isofoil. We also remove old cellulose fibre insulation and old Aerolite and Isotherm insulation. Roof vacuuming is another service that we now offer. Accumulation of dust and debris is not only a health risk but a safety risk too. Roof and ceiling insulation is an investment for your home.

We laminate Isotherm Insulation Products are laminated in house with foil and fire resistant glue. Isofoil Factory Insulation is a factory type Insulation used mostly in factories and hyper stores as well as flat roof sections with no ceilings like garages etc.


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