135mm Isotherm Price Twin Packs
135mm Isotherm Price Twin Packs
May 30, 2019
135mm Isotherm Lite Price
135mm Isotherm Lite Price
May 31, 2019
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100mm Isotherm Price
6000 x 1500 x 100mm
R 467.16 Per Roll
(R 49.71 Per m2)
  • Thickness: 100mm
  • Area Per Roll: 9m2
  • Length: 6m
  • Width: 1.5m
  • R-value: 1.81
  • Installed R-value: 2.21
  • Density: 10Kg3
100mm Isotherm Price Single Pack

100mm Isotherm Price Twin Packs

100mm Isotherrm price Twin Packs

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Our 100mm Isotherm insulation is perfect as top-up insulation in existing homes with 100mm Isotherm installed. The legislation for the Western Cape and Gauteng is that all new homes must be insulated with roofing insulation achieving 3.70. In fact, 100mm Isotherm has an R-value 1.81. Installing another layer of 100mm Isotherm as a top-up increase the installed R-value to 4.02. Resulting in an installed R-value that slightly exceeds the compulsory R-value 3.70 when installed. Isotherm is eco-friendly dust free allergy free insulation. Produced from PET plastic bottles. For the best 100mm Isotherm Price Twin Packs contact us.

100mm Isotherm Price Twin Packs

Adding 100mm Isotherm to existing insulation at affordable rates for DIY or installed prices. For instance, the 100mm Isotherm Price Twin Packs is marked down as much as 20% this winter. So take advantage of the low Isotherm prices.


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