One of the most advanced roof insulation products is Isotherm Insulation. It is Rated by most as the most Eco-friendly roofing insulation. Additionally, produced from what would be pollution in the environment for more than 500 years. Converting this pollution in the form of PET plastic bottles into an energy efficient Isotherm is world class. ( PET Plastic Bottles Coke, Fanta, etc.)

Isotherm Dust Free & Allergy Free

The ceiling insulation is a polyester type insulation. Also, Isotherm is soft, smooth insulation.
Consequently, this Insulation is our most popular brand. You are effectively reducing indoor 4 to 8 degrees in summer and winter and therefore resulting in a more comfortable home in summer and winter with Isotherm installed.

Polyester insulation is relatively new on the market with no more than 25 years. However, having said that the Isotherm has evolved into one of the most advanced insulation for ceilings.

Isotherm Benefits

  1. Cooler in summer
  2. Warmer  in winter
  3. Save energy on heating and cooling
  4. Ideal for homeowners with allergies.
  5. SABS approved
  6. SANS compliant

The Right Isotherm Insulation For The Western Cape

The 145mm Isotherm is SANS compliant for the Western Cape region as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria. The Installed R-value 3.77 with 145mm Isotherm installed. Exceeding the R-value 3.70 as specified by the new building legislation. The insulation is available in several thicknesses and two widths for ease of use.

Installing the right thickness insulation will result in a warmer home in winter and a more relaxed home in summer. Because of this, the house will rely far less on heating and cooling to maintain a more comfortable level.

It has been estimated that insulated homes will recover the cost of installation in two to three years on energy saving alone. Moreover, homeowners will have a lifetime of energy saving and comfort. Most importantly the insulation has a Thirty-year manufacturer guarantee.

Isotherm Single Packs

Single packs are rolls that are 1200mm wide by the length of the insulation. The 145mm Isotherm is 5000mm long by 1200mm wide. Resulting in a 6M2 per pack.

Isotherm Twin Packs

The Twin packs consist of two rolls of Isotherm rolled up side by side. Resulting in a 1500mm width roll by 5000mm long. Twin packs are 1500mm width cut at 750mm.

The Best Isotherm Price in SA

Get the best Isotherm Price in SA. Prices range from R 304 per roll to R 497 per pack depending on the thickness of the product. Our installed prices vary from R 20.00 to R 25.00 per M2 depending on roof and region of the home.

As the product is bulky insulation transporting longer distances will add more cost to the product. However, having said that we have branches in the Western Cape, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and KZN.

We stock all insulation products in most major cities. So give us a call to find the branch near you.

What To Expect From Our Installers

All our installers are well trained, and many Isotherm Insulation SA employees have been with us for many years. Additionally, all our work is covered by comprehensive insurance in the event of an incident in the roof space. Having said that we have never yet had the misfortune of lodging a claim.

With more than 30 years in the insulation industry, we have a wealth of experience in all forms of insulation.

Our five-year workmanship guarantee will give peace of mind.

At Isotherm Insulation SA we take pride in what we do. As a side note roofing insulation is our passion. As this is one element of global warming that we are blessed to be involved with for more than 3o years.

How to Install Insulation

At all times insulation must be laid directly on the ceiling between the beams. It is essential to remember insulation laid over the beams is a waste of money as the heat will build up between the insulation and the cavity space below.

Insulation must be fitted end to end in the roof space. Leave no air gaps and make sure to cover the entire roof space. Fitting the insulation between the beams and cutting the insulation slightly wider than the beams is essential. In this way, the insulation will seal the ceiling from the hot air above or the cold air below.

The insulation can be torn to fit between the main beams. Ideally, Isotherm must be split across the width. In this fashion, we can rip the layers to install directly on the ceiling between the joists.

In loft Rooms, we fit the insulation to the side walls as well as the ceiling space above. The result is a sealed off block that reduces heat flow in or out as much as 90%.

Get an Isotherm Quote

Need an installed Isotherm price or want to buy the product give us a call or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP with the best supply only or supply and install price.

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