Loft Room Insulation

Loft room insulation is one of our most gratifying insulation applications. This application is very a difficult application however we specialize in this type of application. Hearing from satisfied clients that have suffered from the heat as well as the cold in loft rooms. And how this application has made such a huge difference to the family is always a good day. The highest R-value possible should be used in these applications. Read this page for Isotherm Prices.

Loft Room Insulation

We only use the Isotherm 145 mm for Loft room insulation. This insulation is a high density 11.5 kg. As the Isotherm has a high tensile strength it is ideal for this application. Also, the fact that the Isotherm is dust free and allergy free is the bonus. More info on Isotherm read room insulation

In general loft rooms are mostly flat with the side walls and slope sections. We use extenders to fit the insulation in the slope sections. On the side walls, we wire the insulation against the drywalling toehold this in place permanently. The ceiling section must also be insulated.

In fact, the entire shell of the loft room must be covered with isotherm insulation. If this is not done correctly the application will not be successful.

When insulated these areas will be the same as your downstairs living area. Added benefits are the noise reduction between rooms. As well as external noise pollution levels will be dramatically reduced.

The Isotherm is installed as the guarantee on the product is 30 years. Isotherm is also Eco-friendly. Giving a lifetime benefit in savings.

Ideally, all loft rooms should be insulated at the building stage. However, in South Africa, this has never been the case. Nowadays it is compulsory. Getting this installed correctly is always a challenge. As most contractors have no idea what the implications are. In fact on new builds make sure your contractor knows what to do. Read our Isotherm Specifications page for more technical info.


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