Isotherm Winter Benefits

The Isotherm winter benefits are very impressive. In fact, Isotherm being a dust-free allergy free Roof insulation is great on its own. However, Isotherm has great thermal insulation properties and at 145 mm thick will reduce heat flow out of the home. Read more here on Insulation Benefits.

Isotherm Winter Benefitsisotherm winter benefits

The Isotherm winter benefits are a game changer for Roof insulation. In fact, installing Isotherm in your home will improve the temperature in the home before any heating takes place. Ceiling insulation benefits in winter, as well as summer, is very important. As South Africa struggles with an energy crisis we pay more for energy. Check out our Isotherm Prices here.

An insulated home reduces the heat flow created in the home from escaping into the ceiling space. The ceiling space is the largest catchment of cold air. So as heat rises in the home it is immediately pulled through the ceiling into the roof space. This is wasted energy.

When lighting a fire on a cold winters night the heat will remain in the home as the insulation will prevent the loss. In fact, up to 85% of heat will be retained in the home. As long as the correct insulation is installed with the right R-value for the region that you live in that is great. In fact, the higher the R-value the better the performance of the thermal insulation will be in summer benefits as well as winter benefits.


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