Isotherm Thermal Insulation For Roofs

Isotherm Thermal Insulation

In fact, thermal insulation is essential in today world of spiralling energy costs. Isotherm Thermal insulation is one of the most effective thermal insulation products in South Africa. You may ask how we come to this conclusion. We will discuss this in more detail as we go ahead. Thermal roof insulation is compulsory in all new homes now.

What is Thermal Insulation?

Thermal insulation is the ability of insulation to reduce the heat flow into the home. And also to reduce the heat flow out of the home. This is were Isotherm thermal insulation is brilliant. In fact, isotherm not only achieves the recommended R-value for all regions. The Isotherm actually exceeds the recommended R values. All insulation products will have some thermal insulation properties. However, the important thing is how good are the thermal insulation properties. The higher the R-value, the better.

Isotherm Thermal Insulation

As we know, Isotherm insulation has been manufacture from waste PET bottles. This, in most cases, will end up as polite in the environment for up to a few years. By converting this pollution into energy-saving thermal insulation is a winner.

Firstly the Isotherm Thermal Insulation has a very long lifespan because of the products that it was manufacture from. So, in fact, Isotherm will outlast most homes. This is great pay for insulation forget about it and reap the benefits for many years.

Secondly, Isotherm itself is recyclable; this means this is a double win situation. In fact, most old insulation must be dumped at hazardous chemical dumpsites. This is because of all the unhealthy ingredients and chemicals that are harmful. Not so with Isotherm thermal insulation as this insulation is dust-free and allergy-free.

Isotherm Insulation For Drywalling

Many contractors love fitting Isotherm Insulation between drywalling panels. The insulation will prevent heat loss and gain however it will not reduce noise pollution between the Drywall Partitioning. For sound proofing it is essential to fit glasswool insulation products.

Benefits of Thermal Insulation For Roofs

Well, this is obvious by now. The energy-saving with good quality thermal insulation for roofs is great. In most cases, the insulation cost should be recovered on as little as 2 to 3 years. Therefore giving many years of energy saving thereafter at no extra cost.

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