Isotherm summer benefits are absolutely great. In fact, this insulation has proven to be one of the best insulation products on the market. As Isotherm is a dust-free allergy free insulation product, it has been popular. Read more on all Isotherm Prices Here.

What are the Isotherm Summer Benefitsisotherm summer benefits

The Isotherm summer benefits are what make the Isotherm stand out. How this works is simple. The heat that is trapped in the roof space will heat the ceiling in your home. As a matter of fact, this is like having underfloor heating but above your head.

This is not what you want in summer. Therefore air conditioners are used to cool the home down, costing you money. An insulated roof will reduce the heat flow into the home by up to 85%. This means more money in your pocket.

An insulated home will give you cooler temperatures by 4 to 8 degrees. You might not think this is much. However, this temperature change is huge as you have far more comfort in the home.

In fact, the insulation cost should pay for itself in two to three years. Get more Info on Isotherm here.

Isotherm Thermal Insulation Benefits

When insulating your home, whether this is for summer or winter benefits, the idea is to get the best thermal insulation. Low-grade thermal insulation will give marginal thermal benefits. On the other hand, good quality insulation with high R-value will give good thermal insulation properties.

For example, do not just work on the thickness of the roof insulation. This means absolutely nothing. The manufacturers have to have products tested by the independent organization for the Rvalues of the different thicknesses. For the best thermal properties use the insulation that is recommended for the area that you live in. Example Western Cape is zoned to have a compulsory R-value of 3.70. This R-value will be achieved with the 145 mm Isotherm exceeding the R-value required.

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