Isotherm Installers Comprehensive Insurance

Isotherm Installers Comprehensive Insurance when we work in your home. This is for your peace of mind as well as ours. In fact, our homes are one of the biggest investments we make. There are many horror stories of contractors working in and around the home causing massive damage.

In most cases, these contractors have no insurance and the cost becomes the homeowners. As the contractor disappears into the wind

Isotherm Installers Comprehensive Insurance For Your Peace of Mind

There is always a risk in anything we do. In fact parking, your car in a safe parking space can still end in disaster. When someone loses control and collides with you. It’s a fact the law of averages is that one day you will have a mishap your fault or not.

This is why making sure you use a legitimate company with all the right credentials is important. There are many hazards in the roof space. In fact to mention just a few, ceiling damage, flimsy copper water pipes, alarm wire and electrical cables.

At first thought, this does not seem to be expensive to repair. Water pipes are very flimsy, accidentally leaning on them can break them. This could start as a slow leak and the next morning you wake up to a flooded home. As we know this will be expensive.

Ceiling damage is also costly to repair. And there are many other dangers.

Using Qualified Installers with Insurance is Important

Th fact is qualified installers like our teams of installers are all well trained. They also undergo rigorous training on a continuous basis. In all the years in this industry, we have never had to submit a claim. As we strive for excellence at all times.

Downlight Hazards

In fact, this is a very big danger in the home when they are covered. And by the same token are the transformers in the roof. They must not be covered by insulation at all. This will become a fire hazard, not for the insulation but roof batons and main beams will get too hot. Qualified installers know the risks involved with downlight. In fact, our installers are trained and they sign an indemnity that they will be dismissed on the spot if this is not adhered to.


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