The Isotherm Geyser insulation has become a big player in saving energy. In fact, the Geyser in the home is one of the main contributors to energy loss. And in fact, is the most overlooked energy-saving option in the home. Standard Geyser Wrap R 850.00

Wrapping the geyser with commercially sold geyser blankets is a waste of money and time as they are thin low-density types of insulation.

Installing insulation or working in the roof space is risky. Make sure to use the services of professional Installers for work done in the roof space. In fact, the Roof Space is full of hazards. Hot and cold water pipes the slightest wrong move, and there is a leak. Installers must and should always have insurance when working in the roof space.

Isotherm Geyser Insulationisotherm geyser insulation

We install the Isotherm Geyser insulation on all geysers that need to be wrapped. However, we only wrap the geyser with the 145 mm Isotherm insulation. In fact, 145 mm Isotherm is a high-density insulation 11.5 kg density with an R-value. It is pointless wrapping the geyser with thin low-density insulation.

The Isotherm 145mm roof insulation is the product that we install in the roof space. This roof insulation has proven to be one of the best insulation products on the market. And because Capetonians are very involved in green energy, this is very popular in the Cape.

The Isotherm Geyser Insulation is Eco-friendly soft to touch with no loose fibres or dust. Isotherm Geyser insulation will pay for itself over a short period just on energy saving.

Hot Water Pipe Insulation

Hot water pipe insulation is also essential in reducing energy loss. The hot water pipes will lose their heat very fast on the cold winter days. In fact, the roof space is cold in winter. The Roof Space is like an air-con blowing cold air onto the pipes. Having your hot water pipes properly insulated will be a huge energy saving. Isotherm thermal insulation will outlast the lifespan of most homes.

In some homes, even two minutes after running hat water, the water will be cold again. We install crosslinked flexibly expandable polyethene pipe lagging. This is black in colour and is 15 mm thick. Save energy with pipe lagging.

In fact, many homeowners have this pipe lagging installed on their cold water pipes to reduce the risk of kids burning their hands. As we know cold water pipes in summer can reach scorching temperatures in summer as the roof space warms up.  In fact, geyser insulation will pay for itself in under three years.

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