Isotherm Ceiling Insulation

Isotherm Ceiling insulation is one of the most important decisions you will make for your home. As we know ceiling insulation is compulsory in all new buildings. However what doe this mean to an existing homeowner. That is mostly living in an extremely hot home in summer and freezing cold homes in winter. So what can be done to fix this situation? The answer is simple to install ceiling insulation.

What Isotherm Ceiling Insulation Should You Install?isotherm ceiling insulation

Firstly all new homes must comply with the new SANS legislation. So Ceiling insulation products must be SANS compliant for therein that you live in. For example, the Western Cape, as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria, must install ceiling insulation with the R-value 3.70. This will be achieved on the 145mm Isotherm Ceiling Insulation. The building inspectors will not sign off, the building if the correct thickness Ceiling insulation is not installed.

Installing insulation that is under specification is a waste of money. Also not having the ceiling insulation installed correctly can also make the problem worse. In order to make the correct decision read our Isotherm Insulation specifications page to make the correct choice. The Isotherm specifications page will have a map that will give the correct thickness of Isotherm Ceiling Insulation for your region.

Take your time and look for highly qualified roof and ceiling installers. This way you have no problems and you have a guarantee that all workmanship is covered.

The Isotherm 145 mm is one of the best if not the best ceiling insulation products in the world. This insulation has a great R-value of more than 3.70 which is above the spec for the Western Cape.

Isotherm Ceiling Insulation is dust free and allergy free. Isotherm also has a 30-year manufacturer guarantee. This means the Isotherm will outlast the life of most homes.

How Does Ceiling Insulation Work?

isotherm ceiling insulation summer benefitsBasically, the Isotherm Ceiling Insulation is a barrier between your home and the roof space. So on hot summer days as the heat build up in your roof space the ceiling warms up. In fact, your ceiling can reach temperatures of up to 50 degrees. This is like having underfloor heating switched on but above your head. The heat in the ceiling space will be retained for hours.

Having a layer of Isotherm 145 mm installed in the ceiling will prevent the heat flow by up to 90%. This will mean your ceiling will be cool and the radiant heat from above will not be radiating into your home. This will Reduce the temperature in the home by 4 to 10 degrees.isotherm Ceiling insulation for cold winters

In winter the opposite happens the warm air in your home will rise and be extracted from the cold ceiling space into the roof. This makes the home much colder in winter and more heating is used to keep the home warm.

When the Isotherm ceiling insulation is laid the warm air that rises will not be lost to the ceiling and roof space. In fact, if a fireplace is used on telly cold day you could in most cases warm up the entire home. If heating is needed it is much more economical as not much heating will be needed.

Be sure to read our Isotherm Specification page to be sure on what thickness Isotherm Ceiling Insulation to install. In fact be SANS compliant to get the full benefit.

What is The Cost Of Isotherm Ceiling Insulation?

The cost of Isotherm insulation products will vary based on the type of application that is needed. For example, some homes have flat roofs and we will lift portions of the roof to install the insulation. Obviously, there will be a little more costly than a standard insulation.

In fact, it has been estimated that the cost of ceiling insulation should be recovered in two or three years on energy saving alone. And then giving you many years of comfort and saving.

Isotherm Ceiling Insulation Installers

Our Isotherm Ceiling Insulation Installers are all well trained and are supervised from start to finish. This is for your peace of mind as well as to make sure that all your needs will be met with the installation. All our workmanship is fully guaranteed and the Isotherm Insulation also carries a 30-year Guarantee. Isotherm is regarded as an eco insulation product because it is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.

In fact, Our Isotherm Insulation Installers are all police cleared as we are very passionate about what we do. We have been in the Ceiling Insulation industry for 30 years. This is not by chance but because we strive for the best results at all times. Remember ceiling insulation not installed correctly is n absolute waste of money.

Most of our Isotherm Ceiling insulation installers have insulated over 3000 homes. We take pride in what we do and we love your feedback. So if your home needs Isotherm Ceiling Insulation give us a call.

What Can You Expect From Our Isotherm Ceiling Insulation Installers

  • Honest prices and excellent service
  • Always on time everytime
  • Perfectly insulated home so you can get the full benefit
  • Fully supervised work
  • Only the best Isotherm Ceiling Insulation Products that are SANS compliant
  • Neat tidy home after the installation as Isotherm Ceiling Insulation is dust free and allergy-free
  • All product cut to size before we arrive on-site for most application

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