Isofoil Factory Insulation

Isofoil factory insulation is a product that is used in open exposed roof types without ceilings below. The most common installation isofoil factory insulation is that the point before the roof sheets are fitted to the roof.

  • Almost all roof types whether they be sheeting or tiled poses serious heat problem. The fact that they have no ceiling as a barrier to store heat.
  • Isfoil factory insulation can be used in any from garages. And small workshops with metal roof sheeting all the way through to the mega hyper stores.
  • Isofoil factory insulation is perfect for this type of application. Isofoil factory insulation is ideal for these applications with and they are installed from the roof at the start of the building phase is retrofit afterwards.

What Is Isofoil Factory Insulation?

  • Isofoil factory insulation is a combination of two products, it is isotherm insulation laminated to a foil backing.
  • We at Roof Insulation Western Cape to all our own laminating and therefore bring the cost down substantially.
  • The reason for having the foil on the insulation is very simple. We use the foil as a carrier for the insulation so insulation is fitted directly to the roof surface and the foil is facing downwards.
  • In some cases we laminate the Isofoil factory insulation was a foil one side and a white finish on the other side.
  • We do not regard the foil is a form of insulation as the isotherm is the insulation part to create the Isofoil factory insulation.

Where Can Isofoil Factory Insulation be used?

  • Isofoil factory insulation can be used in garages that your average home wet is no ceiling in the roof is a cheaper alternative to keep your
    isofoil factory insulation

    isofoil factory insulation

    garage cool in summer and warm in winter.

  • Isotherm factory insulation is that it can be used for factories that are extremely hot in summer. And freezing cold winter and can be Installed as a retrofit.
  • Installing isotherm factory insulation as a retrofit means we will be working from the inside of the factory. Wire will be across the roof and in feeding the Isofoil factory insulation between the strainers. This makes a massive difference to the temperature.
  • The other method of installing isotherm factory insulation is at the point of building will be strung across the purlins. In this application insulation will be rolled out before the roof sheeting is installed.
  • In all cases the method of installing isotherm factory insulation is that is fitted against the roof.  .

Isofoil factory insulation has proven itself to make a massive difference in flat roof sections that do not have ceilings and they reduce the incoming and outgoing temperature substantially is outfitted directly to the hot surface.


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