Insulation throughout the world is one of the major factors in saving energy. The energy crisis is affected and the entire continent has become a huge huge problem affecting global warming. Insulation reduces the amount of energy that we use in our homes.

What is Insulation

Insulation is a means of reducing heat flow. Furthermore, this will reduce heat flow in or out of the home.

The Isotherm or Think Pink Aerolite is a way of saving energy. Reducing the rate of loss of cold air controlling the temperature environment in a specific area.

It has become compulsory for all new homes to have insulation achieving a specific R-value. Depending on the area that you live in. For the first time, South Africa has woken up to the fact that we have an energy crisis.

In fact, the industrial world relies on insulation to save them billions of dollars every year on energy saving alone.

Manufactured for the domestic markets as well as the industrial markets. In fact, the domestic market is a very small portion of the market.

Most European and American homes insulation has been standard practice for the last 30 years. However in South Africa since January 2013 the new SANS legislation became standard on all new homes. Furthermore the new sans legislation having a minimum requirement of specific R values for the different regions that we live in.

Subsequently, an R-value 3.70 has been zoned for the Western Cape in all new homes.

These changes have revolutionized the way we think in South Africa after energy saving. And we have found that many of the younger generations are learning about energy saving.

With this culture of energy saving, many people are now starting to think about the planet and how to do their bit.

Both Aerolite, as well as isotherm, are both eco-friendly products made from recycled waste.

Will Insulation Save Energy In My Home

Most heat in your home on a hot summer’s day will come through the roof making the ceiling very warm. This warm ceiling is like underfloor heating but above your head.

This will create a warm of the ceiling that will radiate heat down into the house for hours after the sun has set. The heat that is between the ceiling the roof has no option but to make your home very hot inside. This heat flows downwards and keeps the home a lot cooler summers day when insulated.

If you are running Air conditioning units your energy bill will drop substantially. On average Ceiling, Insulation could pay for itself in 2 to 3 years.

In the winter months, warm air in the house rises and lost through the ceiling into the cold roof above. This means insulating your roof you prevent this massive loss of energy. The insulation will make the home warmer. So if you make use of heaters, fireplaces or gas heaters this heat will rise. A well-insulated home will not lose the heat through the ceiling in winter. So once again energy and money with an insulated home.

How Should Insulation Be Installed

The services of qualified insulation Installers should be used. This will give the best Ceiling Insulation benefit.

If you choose to take the  DIY option make sure to speak to qualified installers for tips and tricks. We offer our online service for all clients who buy directly from Isotherm Insulation Cape.

When selecting an insulation installer make sure to ask all the correct questions. Find an Isotherm Installer who has he been in the industry and has experience. Making sure that you get the correct installer as Isotherm installed incorrectly is as good as throwing your money away.

Isotherm should be fitted tightly between the beams to secure tight fit. The idea is to block the heat flow up or down.

Insulation today may not be that expensive. Moreover when one considers the benefits that Insulation will give you. However fitted incorrectly is a waste of money. Think wisely and install correctly and have a comfy home.

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