Roof Insulation
Roof Insulation
February 24, 2015
Roof Insulation Products
May 2, 2016

Insulation for Cold Homes will save money and give you a comfy home. It’s a well-known fact that all homes must be insulated with

Roof Insulation or Ceiling Insulation. In fact, that with the correct R-value rating based on the area where the homeowner stays. All new homes in the Western Cape and Johannesburg and Pretoria region will have insulation achieving the R-value 3.70 as per the SANS legislation.

Isotherm 145mm

Read more on Isotherm is a Polyester type Roof Insulation that has awesome insulation properties and benefits.

  • R-value exceeds 3.70 as per SANS legislation.
  • Isotherm long life 30-year guarantee
  • Is Dust free
  • Is Allergy-free
  • In fact the fire rating BB/1/2 this means even if it is burnt with a blow torch it cannot sustain a flame.

Insulation for Cold Homes How Isotherm Works

Does your home need Insulation? If this question is answered as yes then you need Isotherm Insulation. Isotherm must be laid flat against the ceiling if your roof is a standard pitched roof. The Isotherm must be laid between the main beams fitting very tight. This will prevent the warm air created below from being extracted into the ceiling void.

Important to remember that insulation should not be fitted over the main beams and just rolled outs this will increase heat gain in summer as well as heat loss in winter.

The Roof Insulation products must at all times were possible to be fitted below the electrical wires.

Roof Insulation

Of all the Roof Insulation products that we use as well as import, we are confident that the Isotherm 145mm is one of the best Ceiling Insulation products in the world.

How the Insulation Works

In winter keeping your home well insulated will make your home warmer. Not allowing the warm air created inside the home from escaping through the ceiling space. The warm air in the home will rise as all warm air does. However Insulation for cold homes this will not be sucked through the ceiling space into the roof. Making the home warmer and more comfortable and saving on energy.

Insulation For Cold Homes

Isotherm 145mm thick for all new homes that need to achieve the R-value of 3.70.

Isotherm 100mm as a top up with homes previously insulated with 100mm thickness



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