Does your home need insulation
Does Your Home Need Insulation
December 1, 2016
types of ceiling insulation
Types of Ceiling Insulation
December 4, 2016
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importance of ceiling insulation

The Global warming problem that our planet is facing is all related to energy and pollution on earth. The Importance of ceiling Insulation in homes has helped to reduce this impact. However, this cant be reversed as this has been years of abuse. Installing SANS compliant Ceiling Insulation will reduce the need for heating and cooling. This will mean a reduced carbon footprint.

In years gone by the ceiling, insulation was something that was not thought of by most homeowners. However, things have changed in the last few years as the importance of ceiling insulation is now realized. The energy saving benefits are a massive benefit to homeowners. Especially with the spiraling energy costs in South Africa. Read more on Isotherm Insulation

In fact throughout the world energy has become a big issue. Pollution throughout the world has become a big issue on land and sea. Having insulation that is Eco-friendly is in most peoples minds nowadays.

Importance of Ceiling Insulation in South Africa

Let’s have a look at the spiraling energy costs as ESCOM is unable to supply the demand to homeowners. In fact, as the emerging markets increase and as more and more homes are being built. More homeowners are needing electricity. The load shedding has cost many homeowners and business and industry billions of rand per annum. Price of electricity seems to be rising every few months.

Consumers are struggling with inflation and all sorts of payments. Our economy is depressed and the future does not look good. This is where we realize the importance of Ceiling Insulation. It is estimated that a home has been correctly insulated with ceiling insulation should recover the cost of the insulation in about 3 years. This means many years of additional saving for the homeowners.

What is the Best Ceiling Insulation

This is a very touchy subject. As most consumers believe what they have installed in there ceiling is the best insulation. thermal insulation for ceilingsHowever, there are many who have the wrong ceiling insulation or badly fitted insulation.

Most consumers believe roll form insulation is the best. In fact, we are of the same opinion as well. As ceiling insulation installers for many years, we do all good quality insulation products.

However, we will never install the blown in paper type insulation. This is our personal preference, however, we do have massive vacuum machines to remove this type of insulation.

As many homeowners want to have it removed when the home has a geyser leak or roof leak and the paper dust type insulation absorbs water. Ending in a very costly ceiling collapse costing the homeowner a fortune to repair.

Isotherm insulation is great as this thermal insulation is manufactured from PET plastic bottles. This would in most case end up in landfill sites or the ocean. Damaging our environment for hundreds of years so converting this pollution to insulation is one of the best things ever. Infant Isotherm insulation is also recyclable. In fact be sure to use the correct Isotherm for your region.

The other insulation is the Think Pink Aerolite also manufactured from recycled glass. Aerolite has great thermal properties as a ceiling insulation.

How Isotherm Ceiling Insulation Works

In fact, Isotherm Ceiling Insulation will reduce heat flow from the roof space by as much as 90%. This means on very hot days homeowners can feel a 4 to 8 degree cooler home.

The heat that is trapped in the roof space will not flow into the home via the ceiling as the ceiling insulation will restrict this heat flow.

Should homeowners need to use the services of an air conditioner this would run very efficiently at a far lower energy cost.

In winter when the home is freezing cold any warm air created in the home is automatically lost to the roof space. Homes correctly insulated with Isotherm Ceiling Insulation are much warmer. This means the need for fires or other forms of heating will not be required in most cases.

These benefits and the fact that all new homes are required to have SANS compliant Ceiling insulation installed in the home. This legislation has made many homeowners aware of the Importance of Ceiling Insulation.






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