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January 14, 2017
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January 15, 2017

Having a fireplace in your home does not mean your home will be warm in winter. In fact many fireplaces will need to be fed with a good few bags of firewood in an evening. With the new energy efficient fireplaces taking more space in the market. It means that we will save trees as wood the fireplaces use far less wood and are far more efficient.

Energy Efficient Fireplaces for Your Home

Learn how a modern fireplace burns less fuel. And produces more heat with less pollution and is more efficient than conventional fireplaces. This is how to stay green with a energy efficiency fireplaces in your home.

Choosing a green fireplace that keeps you warmer and is more efficient. Is something anyone considering a fireplace needs to know.

A roaring fire, dog asleep on the hearthrug. A glass of wine in your hand and your loved one cuddled up while the kids are asleep. That is the image many people have of a fireplace that creates a feeling of both comfort and safety. Sadly, most roaring fireplaces are ridiculously inefficient. And burn too much wood and don’t heat the room as well as they could. Air is the culprit and conventional fireplaces are greedy when it comes to air. Using it to keep smoke flowing up the chimney rather than fill a room with warmth.

Many people know that fireplaces are not very efficient and have replaced their fireplace with a wood burning stove. These people would drop the wood burning stove in a heartbeat. And would exchange for the soft glow of an open fire if it were more efficient. It is this romantic view of fireplaces that has prompted a change to make open fires more efficient and the development of the high-efficiency fireplace.

Wood Burning Energy Efficient Fireplaces

Energy Efficient Wood burning fireplaces have proven to be extremely effective and efficient methods of heating a room or an entire home. The development to improve wood burning stoves has driven the improvement of fireplaces, and many features have been borrowed. Over the last 20 years developments such as gasketed, ceramic doors that are easy to clean, improved firebox insulation.  As well as improved emissions control have made wood burning stoves cleaner and more efficient. Being able to control the burn rate by adjusting the air supply increases heat output and this functionality too has been borrowed for use in high efficiency fireplaces.

There are a many high-efficiency fireplaces on the market; some have all the features of a sophisticated wood burning stove. The easiest way to get a high-efficiency fireplace is to purchase and install a factory-produced product. Factory built fireplaces can be easily inserted into an existing fireplace and bring instant benefits from the additional features and functionality. All high-efficiency fireplaces meet the strict environmental standards as well as safety and quality standards.

High energy efficiency fireplaces have been designed to not just be practical and efficient but also look good in your home. Many of the units look extremely attractive and will add considerable value to your property.

Morso is a name well known in South Africa that produces stunning to look at and highly efficient fireplaces. Their fireplaces are among the most efficient, effective and environmentally friendly fireplaces on the market today.

Isotherm Insulation with Energy Efficient Fireplaces

The cost will be offset through energy saving or an increased property value. Nevertheless, the real value of an open fire is not how much it costs but the memories made sat around it. An open flame is always has been and always will be the most special way to heat a home. Thanks to energy efficient fireplaces it now also makes sense to be the way to heat a home.

The Isotherm Insulation installed correctly on you’re ceiling by professional Isotherm Insulation Installers will certainly make a huge difference in your home. In fact Isotherm insulation will reduce heat loss through the ceiling by 95%. This means you will need to burn less wood to warm up the entire home. In fact this is the reason for the SANS compliant legislation in South Africa. The best insulation to install is the 145mm Isotherm Insulation.

The correct thickness will make a massive difference in energy efficiency. Do not be conned into installing anything but the best. Always read the Isotherm specifications to be sure that you are installing the correct thickness. In fact Isotherm Insulation with energy efficient fireplaces will warm up the entire home on less wood.


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