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January 14, 2017
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January 15, 2017
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In every home in South Africa, appliances use energy. And they account for up to 30 percent of electricity bills. South Africans are ever more reliant appliances. As the number of appliances in home increases so does the energy use.

With the growing use of appliances, the need to choose energy-efficient appliances becomes more important. National and international standards on the energy efficiency of every kind of appliance are improving. And so are other eco and environmental aspects of everything from Kettles to TVs.

Energy efficiency of an appliance is one thing. However having the right product and using the product correctly or in a more efficient manner reduce energy consumption. A simple example of using an energy efficient appliance better is by using cold water to wash clothes in a washing machine.

A cold-water wash with the right detergent cleans just as well and warm wash but saves up to 5 times the energy of a warm wash.

Choosing Energy Efficient Appliances

At some point, all appliances need to be replaced. In tough economic times, the price is the determining factor when buying an appliance and it should not be. In times where finances are not easy saving money is objective and by buying energy efficient appliances this is achieved.

An energy efficient appliance that is suited to your needs will save you more in a few months than the saving made by choosing the cheaper product.

Not only will buy energy efficient appliances save you money in the end, but you will be helping nature by going green. Your energy efficient product help reduce harmful greenhouse gasses over the life of the product.

The energy star rating is shown on a growing number of appliances. Rated from A to G with A being the best the scale is easy to identify and easy to understand. A growing number of appliances are rated A+. A++ and A+++, and A+++ appliance are 30 percent more efficient than a standard A rated product.

Even energy efficient fireplaces can be fitted into this category as they are wood burning on an energy efficient scale.

As energy saving has become a national concern there are many initiatives, incentives, and rebates to help you buy green. Save the planet and save money.

Getting The Most Out of Energy Efficient Appliances

By buying the right energy efficient appliances for your home and using them correctly you will save energy and save money. There ways that can help improve the efficiency of appliances in your home and save you even more. One such way to reduce energy is by positioning your refrigerator correctly.

Placing your refrigerator next to your oven wastes energy, as the oven is used it gets hot and this forces the refrigerator to work harder. Working harder your fridge is using unnecessary energy.

Standby mode is convenient but standby mode uses electricity. When an appliance is not used switch it off or unplug it. Standby mode and plugged in appliances that are not in use is the equivalent of a dripping tap on your power supply.

Maintenance is essential for energy efficient appliances to remain so.   Proper use and maintenance is covered in the owner’s manual, failing to adhere to this can cancel any warranty the appliance may have. Prevention is always better than a cure and the same is true with appliances. Keeping energy efficient appliances well maintained saves potential repair costs.

All heaters and Wood burning fireplaces will use far less energy with Isotherm Insulation installed.

Standby Power – The Dripping Tap

Understanding the impact of standby power is important. Appliances not in use and sat on standby account for almost 10% of every electricity bill and this is easy to save. Standby mode is a lazy mode and while it saves time, it costs money.

It is sometimes difficult to see if an appliance is off or in standby mode, the only way to be 100% certain is to unplug it completely.

One of the biggest culprits of this electrical dripping tap is cell phone chargers. If a cell phone charger is plugged in and the socket is on but no phone is attached the lead is still drawing power.

Getting Rid of Appliances

How an appliance is disposed of is part of being environmentally friendly. A vast number of older appliances have difficult to dispose of or harmful materials in them and a quick Google can tell you a great deal.

Some older appliances that still work can still be used; numerous charities will gladly take an old working appliance off your hands.

Do not throw broken appliances in the bin as recycling is a better solution. Proper disposal of all appliances from toasters to washing machines is carefully controlled salvaging recyclable or reusable parts is big business and green. Many retailers have information on how best to dispose of broken or unwanted appliances.

Energy efficient appliances are the way forward to save energy. Remembering that they are part of a bigger environment circle extends the energy saving and make a greener, cleaner planet.


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