Eco Friendly Insulation

Isotherm insulation by the way it is manufactured makes it a safe to use Eco-friendly insulation. The benefit of using Isotherm is that you are contributing towards saving the planet.

The Eco-Friendly Isotherm Insulation is manufactured from plastic bottles. As we know plastics and plastic bottles are not biodegradable. Therefore when dumped it will always remain a harmful product to the environment.

In fact, PET plastic bottles will remain as pollution on earth for as much as 450 years. Therefore converting this pollution into energy saving insulation is great for Global Warming. Read this post on How Insulation Effects Global Warming.

Manufactured locally so shipping and transport are not factors that would increase the carbon footprint. Find out more about all Isotherm Prices here.

From an eco-friendly insulation point it probably the most eco-friendly insulation there is on the market today.

In Fact, it is not only an Eco-friendly insulation product but it is also a product that contains no known hazardous chemicals.  Your kids can play on it and roll themselves up in the product.

Unlike paper type insulations that contain massive amounts of all different chemicals. Up to 25% chemicals from fire retardants to chemicals to try and stop rats from nesting in the finely shredded paper.  Paper can blow in the cape wind and shift and absorbs moisture.

Isotherm eco insulation does not absorb water and it must not create dust when installing

Why Install Eco-Friendly Insulation

Eco-friendly insulation will help with the world energy crisis.

In most Western Countries as well as the USA and Canada it is compulsory to have the correct Ceiling insulation for the specific climatic conditions.

Isotherm insulation is manufactured from plastic bottles that are not biodegradable and this makes them one of the best eco-friendly insulation types.

Some insulation products like the blown in paper fiber types consume large volumes of recycled paper. The Paper could be used as recycled paper or cardboard. However, Isotherm Eco insulation is manufactured from a waste product that is not biodegradable.

Unlike most insulation types insulation like Isotherm contains no harmful products or chemicals. Small kids handling it or breathing the air of the product are not affected by it. This insulation is suitable for roofs as well as loft rooms as well as geysers.

isotherm insulation eco-friendly insulation

Isotherm Insulation is Eco-Friendly

The Isotherm insulation has been regarded by many as one of the most Eco-friendly insulation products on the market. One of the main reasons for this is essentially manufactured from plastic bottle pollution. Added to this the isotherm itself is recyclable.

Also, manufacturing plants are in all major cities so transporting product does not increase carbon footprint with transportation between cities with transport and fuel emissions. Moreover, Isotherm has a 30-year manufacturer guarantee so the Isotherm will outlast most homes.

Once the cost of the Isotherm is recovered in two or three years you have many years of free energy saving.


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