isotherm thermal insulation for roofs
Isotherm Thermal Insulation
November 29, 2016
importance of ceiling insulation
Importance of Ceiling Insulation
December 3, 2016
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Does your home need insulation

Does your home need insulation? In fact, if your home has insulation and the insulation is according to spec you’re ok. Most homes in South Africa do not have roof insulation. This is one of the reasons for the new SANS legislation. All new homes will be insulated with specific insulation for the province that you reside in. As we know at this point the legislation does not affect existing homes. READ MORE ON INSULATION BENEFITS

Does Your Home need Insulation

This is a simple question that has a few simple answers.

  • Is your electricity bill high in summer because of cooling costs?
  • Is your home uncomfortable on hot day retaining the summer heat?
  • Do you want your home to be cooler in summer?
  • Is your cost of keeping your home warm in winter costing you a fortune?
  • Have you got a freezing cold home in winter?
  • Do you wish your home was much warmer on those freezing cold nights?

If you have answered yes to 50% of the above your home need insulation.

So Your Home Is Like A Freezer in Winter

does your home need insulationYou are freezing and just can’t keep the home warm. Or you are using a huge amount of energy from underfloor heating or fireplace just to keep your home warm. Well, this is expensive as we all know.

Installing Isotherm Insulation in your roof space will save 90% of the warm air you create in the home from being lost through the ceiling. This saves energy and keeps the home warmer.

Even if you are not using heating in winter your home will naturally be warmer. As the cold air that blows through the ceiling space will not be able to make the ceiling cold. A cold ceiling will gladly absurd the warm air rising and being lost in the ceiling space.

Your Home Is Like An Oven In SummerDoes your home need insulation

Clearly, you do not have insulation in the roof space. In this case, does your home need insulation? Absolutely yes that is why your home is so hot. Remember your roof space becomes like an oven on hot summer days.

In fact, with this heat, the ceiling will heat up dramatically. This is like having underfloor heating in winter but reversed above your head in summer. The radiant heat from the ceiling will heat up the home and make some home unbearable.

The isotherm 145mm Insulation has a great Rvalue of 3.70 as compulsory in all new homes. The Isotherm Insulation will reduce the heat flow by as much as 90% This will give you a lovely cool home in summer. In fact, the benefits on a hot day are felt almost immediately as our installers are insulation.

Save on Energy With Life Long Benefits

Most homes that are using heating and cooling should recover the cost of the initial cost of the insulation in two or three years. The beauty of this is you have lifelong energy saving from then on. Isotherms has a 30-year manufacturer guarantee and is dust free and allergy free. The isotherm 145 mm has a great R value 3.70 and fantastic specifications


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