Cost Of Insulation

The Cost of Roof Insulation varies depending on what insulation is being used and what thickness insulation, as well as the type of insulation and the application. The main thing to take into account when considering the cost of insulation is what you intend to achieve. Get A Roll Price of Isotherm.

Isotherm Insulation

  • Isotherm insulation comes in various thicknesses and is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles (PET) it looks and feels similar to polyester but obviously a much higher density and much thicker.
  • The cost of isotherm once again is also determined by the thickness of the insulation and the isotherm also comes in thicknesses from 50mm / 75mm /100mm / 145mm.
  • The 145mm isotherm is the standard regulation thickness achieving an R-value as specified for the Western Cape region. The cost of insulation on this product once again is higher than the 100mm isotherm that is recommended for the KZN region.
  • Isotherm Insulation is widely recognized as one of the safest and most eco-friendly insulation products on the market.
Cost Of Insulation Isotherm
Cost Of Insulation Isotherm

Why are the Thicknesses of Insulation Different for Some Regions?

The main reason that there is a difference in thickness is more to do with the R-value. All insulation must be installed as per specified by the new sans legislation. The Western Cape with Gauteng needs to have an R-value of 3.70. In fact, this will be achieved if you to install either 135mm aerolite or 145mm isotherm. The cost of insulation between these two products is slightly different as the cost of getting recycled glass is more economical than the cost of getting recycled plastic bottles. So this will affect the cost of insulationcost of insulation.

Cost Of Insulation

The cost of all insulation will be determined by the type of insulation and the thickness. Isotherm insulation comes in a number of thicknesses from low-density products 40 mm To 100 mm. And then we have the SANS compliant insulation high-density isotherm insulation from 100 mm to 145 mm. In fact, the Isotherm 145 mm is SANS compliant for Cape Town as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria. So all these factors affect the cost of insulation.

Isofoil Factory insulation.

  • Isofoil insulation is manufactured for factory roofs and is also manufactured in the various different sizes and thicknesses.
  • This insulation is manufactured using isotherm and laminating a foil backing fire retardant glue. The cost of insulation on this product is obviously slightly higher. This is because of the laminating process as well as the extra cost of the foil.
  • Roof Insulation Western Cape does our own in-house laminating and therefore the cost of insulation is extremely competitive countrywide.

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