Isotherm Specifications Sans Compliant Zones

Correct R-value Benefits

When installing roof insulation in your new home, be sure to install the correct R-value. Many homes in South Africa are under-insulated with lower than the required R-value. The Correct R-value benefits will help you save on Energy, ensuring a comfortable home.

Correct R-value Benefits

There are many Correct R-value benefits. However, we will go through a few. Roof insulation has now become compulsory in South Africa. This is to help curb our rising energy crisis in South Africa. Many of us agree that this has come far too late. Roof insulation has been compulsory in most 1st world countries for many years.

  • Save Energy on heating and cooling.
  • A cool home in summer reduces the temperature by 4 to 8 degrees.
  • Warmer in winter reduces heat flow out of the home.


correct r value benefitsSave Energy on Heating

How does it make a difference with R-value? There are many correct r-value benefits; however, the most important is undoubtedly saving Energy on heating. The R-value is the insulation ability to reduce the heat flow into the home and restrict the heat flow out of the house.

In South Africa, we have been divided up into sones as per the SANS legislation. The higher the R-value, the better the energy saving. The correct R-value based on the zone you live in must be adhered to on all new buildings and homes.

Remembering that cold winter will draw a lot of Energy as homeowners and industry try to keep warm. Uninsulated homes or homes insulated with under spec insulation will use a lot more energy. Shopping malls are all using Energy to keep their customers warm if the shopping centres are well protected, saving a huge amount of Energy.

Of course, the hot summer days will also use a lot of energy on cooling. If shopping malls are not cool enough on a hot summer day, there will be no customers. Buildings insulated correctly will use far less energy to keep their customers happy. The correct R-value benefits will mean that these malls will reduce their energy costs, improving their bottom line.

What is the Best Insulation to get the Correct R-value Benefits?

We would go with Isotherm Insulation as this insulation is one of the most eco-friendly thermal insulation products on the planet. Isotherm Insulation is manufactured from PET plastic bottles is already helping to save the environment. Now having this pollution converted to an energy-saving winner is a double win.


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