Cellulose Fibre Removal

Cellulose Fibre Removal in thecellulose fibre removal Western Cape because of the strong winds and moisture in the air and the winter rain is becoming more popular, many homes in the Western Cape region tend to get roof leaks. Most roll type insulations like Aerolite Insulation or Isotherm Insulation allow the water to leak through the Insulation so the home owner knows there is a problem.

Cellulose Fibre Removal In Cape Town

  • The fact that roll form insulations allow water to leak through the insulation in the home it allows the home owner the opportunity to see the roof leak and take evasive action.
  • If the paper insulation gets wet it becomes an expensive┬áproblem as the ceiling will inevitable collapse.cellulose paper removal
  • In fact, this has created a demand for cellulose paper insulation to be removed.
  • We have Roof Vacuum machines that we use for cellulose removal; However, the job does become a little difficult when the paper insulation has become water logged.
  • Cellulose Paper removal becomes quite tricky when the product has dried up after absorbing water. As it becomes very hard and brittle. This can be a danger when removing as if the section breaks apart it could fall through the ceiling.
  • An average of around 150 sq meters home will take most of the day for the Cellulose Fibre removal process.
  • Cellulose insulation is a great idea as an insulation. However, it does have some problems when it comes to wind and moisture.
  • All Cellulose Insulation mustv be dumped at a Hazardous Chemical site because the product has large amouts of chemicals in the make up.
Ceiling Collapse from wet Blown in Paper Insulation
Ceiling Collapse from wet Blown in Paper Insulation

Do we remove other insulation types?

  • Yes, we also remove the old type blown in fibreglass insulation as it is also affected by the wind and can also fall through cracks in the ceiling just like cellulose.
  • We also remove Rock-wool insulation
  • Also, remove old damage fibreglass insulation as well as badly installed insulation.
  • We also remove badly installed isotherm
  • a standard dust Roof Vacuum to remove dust is also becoming very popular in some of the older Cape homes.

Removal of Old Ceiling Insulation

Most old Ceiling Insulation products are either Aerolite or Isotherm. These Ceiling Insulation products have a very long lifespan and do not get effected by as much by water leaks. As they do not have tendencies to absorb water as the paper insulation does.

Cellulose fibre removal service
Cellulose fibre removal service

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