Ceiling Insulation

December 5, 2016
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Types of Ceilings

There are a number of types of ceilings available in South Africa however we will talk about the two most common types. That are installed in most homes. As we know ceilings also play major part in home comfort. You’re ceiling choice will also effect the temperature in your home. Rhino Board Types of Ceilings Rhino board ceiling comes in a number of size from 6 mm to 12 mm. With the latter being used mostly for dry wall walling. The weight of the 12 mm Rhino board would be to heavy for ceiling applications. However the R value of the 6 mm vs the 12 mm is absolutely insignificant. […]
December 4, 2016
types of ceiling insulation

Types of Ceiling Insulation

There are many types of ceiling insulation through out world. As we know ceiling insulation has been standard in all homes in 1st world countries. In some countries ceiling insulation is referred to as loft insulation. In this post we will cover the types of ceiling insulation available and there benefits. Types of Ceiling Insulation Polyester insulation types are manufactured from PET plastic bottles. In fact this would be pollution in our environment for up to 400 years. So polyester is regarded as the most Eco friendly ceiling insulation type. Isotherm insulation is the flag ship of all the polyester insulation types in our opinion. Roof Insulation Western Cape carefully select the types of […]
December 3, 2016
importance of ceiling insulation

Importance of Ceiling Insulation

The Global warming problem that our planet is facing is all related to energy and pollution on earth. The Importance of ceiling Insulation in homes has helped to reduce this impact. However, this cant be reversed as this has been years of abuse. Installing SANS compliant Ceiling Insulation will reduce the need for heating and cooling. This will mean a reduced carbon footprint. In years gone by the ceiling, insulation was something that was not thought of by most homeowners. However, things have changed in the last few years as the importance of ceiling insulation is now realized. The energy saving benefits are a massive benefit to homeowners. Especially with […]

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