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December 10, 2016
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January 14, 2017

In this post, let’s have a look at what could be considered as the best roof insulation. Every manufacturer claims their roof insulation is the best. With more than 30 years the roof insulation industry we will have a look at the main contenders and grade the insulation products on these criteria.

There are many Roof Insulation products in South Africa and worldwide. However, like cars or any other commodity, not all are equal. All Roof Insulation products in South Africa must be SANS compliant to be installed in new homes as per the legislation.

However, having insulation that meets the requirements of the test is one thing the other is the ability of the Roof Insulation to be consistent and safe for all inhabitants. In all conditions and to have a substantial lifespan for years of energy saving.

Best Roof Insulation Guide

  • All Roof Insulation products firstly must be SANS compliant.
  • Have the correct R-value for all the regions in South Africa. The R-value of the insulation products is very important as this is the ability of the insulation to reduce heat flow into the home or out of the home.
  • Very Importantly make sure all electrical wire are above the insulation where ever possible. In fact, safety and to prevent the potential for a fire in the home this is a very important factor.
  • The effectiveness of the insulation.
  • The consistency of the roof insulation. Will the Roof Insulation collapse or sag over a short period of time. As this will affect the R-value.
  • Are there potential health risks with the Roof Insulation.
  • Does water leaks cause major damage to the home as a result of your insulation?
  • Is the Roof Insulation product installed affected by wind?
  • Safety to consumers.
  • Firerating of insulation.

Best Insulation For Roofs

In this post, just a few products are selected so let us have a look at how eco-friendly these products are. As well as how effective they are as insulation products. We are able to install any Roof Insulation product that we would like to, however, there is a certain product that we would never install. So for more info on the Best Insulation For Roofs read on.

Isotherm Best Roof Insulationbest roof insulation

  • Isotherm Insulation is regarded by many as the most eco-friendly insulation product available. Having been manufactured from recycled PET plastic bottles. This would be pollution landfill sites and our oceans for 450 years. And the best is Isotherm Insulation can also be recycled. Isotherm insulation is also manufactured in Cape Town as well as Johannesburg and KZN. This reduces the carbon footprint as delivery costs are almost nothing.
  • Isotherm Insulation is SANS compliant for all regions. In fact, the Isotherm Insulation is available in two-roll widths to make this product easy to install. We have a 750mm wide roll as well as a 1200mm wide roll. This means that we have a SANS compliant roll for both tiled roofs as well as sheeting roofs with not cutting of rolls required.
  • The Isotherm Insulation has a 30-year manufacturer guarantee so it will outlast the lifespan of most homes. Isotherm thermal properties are in the top end bracket and is our roof insulation product of choice. In fact, as much as 26% of our 145mm Isotherm Insulation work is as a result of referrals.
  • From a safety point of view Isotherm Insulation is a stand out from the crowd insulation product. As a dust-free allergy free roof insulation product Isotherm has proven to be the best.

Isotherm Insulation Safe for All

  • In fact, you can have your two-year-old play with the product and even breathe into the insulation.
  • The fact that Isotherm is a roll form Roof Insulation product all wires that are loose can be lifted to be above the Isotherm. This is a very important factor in the safety of your home. Remembering the Isotherm will not burn on its own however if electrical wires are covered and there is a short circuit in the home and the trip switch does not work it could be a disaster.
  • Isotherm Roof Insulation does not absorb huge volumes of water because Isother5m is a roll type insulation. This means that water will generally run of the insulation and small percentage will be absorbed.

Isotherm would be a 5-star rating.

Aerolite Insulation Best Roof Insulation

  • Aerolite Insulation in our opinion is partly eco-friendly as the Aerolite is manufactured from recycled glass bottles and naturally occurring silica sand.
  • The Aerolite is SANS compliant as there is a thickness for all Zones in South Africa. Also, Aerolite is manufactured in 1200mm wide rolls.
  • Aerolite has a 20 to 25-year lifespan and has no added chemicals orated fire retardants.
  • Aerolite manufacturing process is one of the best. The consistency of Aerolite is great. In fact, worldwide the Aerolite Roof Insulation product is regarded as one of the best on the market.
  • We do not recommend Aerolite in open exposed areas because of the loose fiber dust when the insulation is cut.
  • In fact once again because Aerolite Roof Insulation is a roll form insulation all loose wires can be placed above the insulation where possible.
  • Aerolite will also not absorb huge quantities of water if you have a roof leak. In fact, Aerolite will absorb very little water the rest will run of the insulation onto the ceiling giving the homeowner the opportunity to solve the roof leak issue.
  • Aerolite Roof Insulation has the best fire rating of all roof insulation products with a class A/1 fire rating. This means Aerolite will not burn.

Aerolite would be regarded as a 4.5 star

Think Green Insulation

  • Of all the Roof Insulation products on the market, this is another product we will not install.  This product is eco-friendly as it is also manufactured from recycled PET plastic bottles.
  • Think Green Insulation is not SANS compliant for all regions unless multiple layers are being installed. This, in fact, is not a very good idea as consumers will never know what amount of insulation lies below the top layer.
  • The Think Green Insulation warranty unknown
  • Think Green Insulation is a small manufacturing plant and the consistency is inconsistent on all samples that we have seen.
  • We do not recommend this insulation in homes because of the inconsistency of the product.

Think Green would be regarded as a 1.5-star rating

Cellulose Fiber Insulation

  • This is also not a product we would ever install. With the loss of forests worldwide this is one product that in our opinion cannot be regarded as eco-friendly.
  • As much as the blown in paper insulation is marketed as eco-friendly I am not sure how this can be possible. Looking at the loss of rainforests and trees worldwide.
  • It is safe to say the tons of recycled paper that are used to manufacture this insulation could have been used for more paper recycled products that could still be recycled. We remove tons of cellulose paper insulation from roofs. We have offered this to the suppliers for free however they can’t reuse this insulation and we have to dump at hazardous chemical sites.
  • Blown in paper is SANS compliant however the product is known to sag over a few years. In fact, in some countries, they must install at least 20% more to accommodate for this. In fact, I am unsure how it would ever be possible to blow fine paper dust into a roof and expect to get the correct thickness as required. I am a realist and this can never be possible in my opinion.

Potential Fire Hazards Covering Wires With Any Insulation

  •  That the paper insulation will burn and smolder after a few years as the fire retardants dissipate with moisture. Extinguishing a fire that is smoldering is very difficult and in some cases can take days.
  • Electrical wires cannot be lifted above the cellulose and this is a very dangerous situation in any home. Also, cones must be installed over all downlights and this on its own is potentially a fire risk
  • Must be honest we are removing this insulation from roofs almost on a daily basis. One of the most common problems is a ceiling collapse as a result of a water leak or geyser leak. This ends up in disaster in the home as the paper insulation absorbs the water. This will inevitably end in a ceiling collapse. This is seen on a regular basis.

In our opinion, we would rate this as a 1 star.

What is Your Best Roof Insulation Product

All consumers install Roof Insulation products that will suit their budget or their specific requirements. When installing your insulation do your homework and be sure to select the best possible insulation product for your home and the safety of your family.

Also be sure to remember that the insulation you choose must be effective and give you years of comfort and energy saving.

After more than 35 years in the Industrial as well as domestic insulation markets with a wealth of experience this is my personal opinion on what I have noted over the years. As one of South Africas longest serving Insulation installers there are certain insulation products that we will never install even though they are offered to us on a regular basis.






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