Thermal Insulation
November 7, 2014
Ceiling Insulation
February 23, 2015
air conditioner insulation

air conditioner insulation

Air Conditioner and Insulation Benefits.

An Air Conditioner is an indispensable home or even office appliance, especially in the summer. Despite its importance, many people tend to overwork their conditioners which in turn leads to their failure. The following tips will help them know how to get the best out of their air conditioners.

Lighten Its Load

How your Air con performs is usually determined by a number of things. This includes the size of the room and atmospheric conditions. To get optimal performance out of your Air conditioner you need to insulate.

This means that you need to have proper Roof Insulation in place. In summer, a layer of Thermal Insulation for Ceiling important in keeping the heat out. This means that your air conditioner will have very little work to do. Guaranteed energy saving energy with Isotherm insulation.

Air conditioners will draw large amounts of electricity to cool the home down without Ceiling Insulation. In fact, ceiling insulation on its own will reduce internal temperatures by 4 to 8 degrees C. this on its own will reduce the need for cooling substantially.

This then means the unit can be used far less saving money on maintenance and cooling.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance increases not only its lifespan but also efficiency. The homeowners should have their air cons checked twice a year then you can be assured of maintaining its efficiency.

An Insulated Ceiling will help reduce running time and ultimately save money.

In this guide to getting the most out of your air conditioner, it is evident that you do not have to do a lot of work. With proper insulation and regular maintenance, your Air Conditioner will always serve you diligently.

Best Roof Insulation

Eco-friendly Polyester Isotherm Insulation is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles no itch no dust no loose fibers and guaranteed to last for 30 years. Isotherm is an Allergy-free Roof Insulation.

Think Pink Aerolite Insulation manufactured from 80% recycled glass and 20% naturally occurring silica sand. Guaranteed to last for 30 years.

These thermal insulation products are roll form insulation they do not contain paper so they have great fire resistant properties.







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