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Isotherm insulation is dust and allergy free.
It contains no hazardous chemicals
and is friendly to the environment.

Hot in Summer and Cold in Winter. We Can Help

Improve Your Temperature by 4 to 8 deg C.

We have an Isotherm Insulation products for every budget. With a Cooler home in Summer and a Warmer home in winter. Save Energy with SANS compliant Ceiling Insulation.

  • 145mm Isotherm Insulation will pay for itself in 2 to 3 years on energy saving alone.
  • Dust free and Allergy-free insulation.

Isotherm Insulation an Eco-friendly insulation product manufactured from PET plastic bottles. This makes Isotherm one of the safest and most Eco-friendly products on the market as the Isotherm is itself recyclable. For the Best Price on Isotherm check out our Isotherm Price List lower down the page.

Isotherm Insulation

Isotherm Insulation the Home of the best Roof Insulation in South Africa. With Offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg / Pretoria as well as KZN we will have you insulated in most major centers.

  • If you need the best Isotherm Installed Price you are at the right place.
  • For a quote on the only Dust Free and Allergy Free Insulation contact us now.
  • For supply only Isotherm Prices you will notice we are unmatched. We encourage and give as much support as possible to the DIY installer.
  • We hold large volumes of stock and our installed prices are unmatched
75mm Isotherm Insulation
8000 x 12000 x 75mm
R 287.90 Per Roll
(R 29.99 m2)
  • Thickness: 75mm
  • Area Roll: 9.6m2
  • Length: 8m
  • Width: 1.2
  • R-value: 1.36
  • Installed R-value: 1.76
  • Density: 10Kg3
100mm Isotherm Insulation
6000 x 1200 x 100mm
R 287.90 Per Roll
(R 47.98 Per m2)
  • Thickness: 100mm
  • Area Roll: 7.2m2
  • Length: 6m
  • Width: 1.2m
  • R-value: 1.81
  • Installed R-Value: 2.16
  • Mass: 10kg
135mm Isotherm Price
5000 x 1200 x 135mm Thick
R345.50 / Roll
(R57.59 per m2)
  • Thickness: 135mm
  • Area Roll: 6m2
  • Length: 5m
  • Width: 1.2m
  • R-value: 3.37
  • Installed R-Value: 3.77
  • Mass: 9.315kg
145mm Isotherm Insulation
5000 x 1200 x 145mm Thick
R399.85 Per Roll
(R66.64 per m2)
  • Thickness: 145mm
  • Area Roll: 6m2
  • Length: 5m
  • Width: 1.2m
  • R-value: 3.37
  • Installed R-Value: 3.77
  • Mass: 11.5kg

Reasons to Install Isotherm Insulation

Isotherm Insulation is one of the safest Roof Insulation products available on the market. This makes this insulation one of the favorite products for Home Owners as well as the DIY Insulation Installer. In fact, we have an Isotherm product for almost any application.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Dust free
  • Allergy-free
  • Save energy
  • Cool in summer
  • Warm in winter
  • 30-year manufacturer guarantee
  • Great Thermal Insulation properties
  • Reduce Mould and associated bacteria
  • SABS approved

Isotherm Insulation Dust free Allergy freeIsotherm Insulation Makes Your Home Cooler in Summer

In fact, the great Thermal Insulation Properties of Isotherm Insulation will reduce heat flow into the home by as much as 90%. This means that the heat that is trapped in the roof space from the hot summer days will not enter the home via the ceiling space.

Reducing this heat flow makes the home far more comfortable to live in. Reducing temperatures in the home by as much as 4 to 8 degrees C. This reduction in heat will reduce the need for expensive energy depleting air conditioners.

In most cases, the reduction in heat will mean that you will not have to run the Air conditioner. In fact, in homes were the Aircon is needed the energy consumption will be far lower. The cold air will be from the aircon will not be lost to the roof space.

In homes without insulation ceiling temperatures can be as high as 60 degrees C when measured on a hot day. This is like underfloor heating that is above your head in summer. Reducing this heat flow makes a massive difference in the home. READ MORE

Isotherm Insulation Makes Your Home Warmer in Winter

The winter benefits of Isotherm Insulation are equally great. The Isotherm Thermal Insulation reduces the loss of warm air in the home. In fact, even without any heating, the Isotherm will improve average temperatures in the home significantly.

Once again, the need for heating will be reduced significantly. In fact, heat generated in the home will not rise and be lost to the roof space. The Roof Insulation will restrict the heat loss via the ceiling by 90%. Read more 

Select The Right Isotherm Insulation for Your Homeisotherm insulation benefits

In fact, Isotherm Insulation is suitable for most application in the home. Make sure that you select the correct Isotherm product for your home.

Isotherm Thermal Insulation can be installed in drywalling as well as Roofs. The lifespan of Isotherm Thermal insulation is one of the best on the market. This makes this insulation great for Dry walling as well as for Roof Insulation.

The new building legislation or SANS legislation allows for a specific R-value of Roof Insulation for all new homes. As of January 2013, all new homes must install Roof Insulation that is SANS compliant.

The Western Cape Must Install the 145mm Isotherm Insulation as this will give the required R-value 3.70 when installed.

Johannesburg and Pretoria must also Install the 145mm Isotherm Thermal Insulation that will achieve the required R-value.

This legislation is designed to reduce the need for heating and cooling as South Africa struggles with ESCOM electricity costs. In fact, throughout most 1st world countries Roof Insulation has been standard in all homes for many years. The reason for this is to reduce the need for energy and to reduce the impact of Global Warming.

Insulated home requires far less energy annually than uninsulated homes. In fact, it is understood that insulated homes will recover the cost of Roof Insulation in two to three years. Thereafter giving years of energy saving. Read more

Important Factors When Installing Isotherm Insulation

Installing Roof Insulation in your Roof Space is one thing, however, making sure that your insulation is not a fire hazard is another. The fact is the Isotherm Insulation will not burn as the Insulation has a B/B 1/2 fire rating. This means that the Isotherm Insulation will not sustain a flame. Read More

  • No Roof Insulation products should cover the downlights in the home. This could potentially cause a fire. When the downlight holes are drilled and the hole is under a beam or through the wooden batons the light will still be fitted in this position. The trouble comes when the Roof Insulation covers the light the heat is stored is a small area with no escape. This heat build up could cause the timber to burn. In fact, ALL DOWNLIGHTS MUST HAVE A BREATHING HOLE IN THE INSULATION.
  • Beware of fitting cones over the downlights as these can also be a fire hazard. The cones get hot from the heat of the downlights and this can cause the cone to melt into the downlight wires.
  • Electrical wires in the roof space wherever possible must be lifted above the insulation.
  • All Insulation products must be installed from end to end without gaps.
  • Always installed SANS compliant Roof Insulation and save on energy.

Isotherm Insulation Installers

Installing Ceiling Insulation in your home means absolutely nothing if the insulation is not installed correctly. Therefore, it is important to use the services of qualified Isotherm Insulation Installers.

Our Isotherm Installers are all well trained and are all permanent staff.

All our workmanship is covered by our five-year workmanship Guarantee.

In fact, each team of Insulation Installers is supervised from start to finish. We do not leave a few workers at your home and collect them after the Installation.

We have comprehensive insurance for your peace of mind. To date, we have never submitted a claim.

From Pollution to Eco-friendly Isotherm Insulation

Isotherm is manufactured from PET Plastic Bottle pollution. In fact, we all know the cost to the environment with PET plastic bottles and plastic in general. Coke and Fanta bottles will not biodegrade easily in most cases this can be up to 400 years.

Making use of what would be pollution to the environment for many years is a winner. In fact, Isotherm itself is also recyclable. Making Isotherm one of the most most-friendly insulation products in the world.

The PET is converted into fibers that are eventually converted into Isotherm Insulation.

Isotherm Insulation Rolls

The Sans compliant Isotherm for the Western Cape as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria is the 145mm Isotherm Insulation. This product comes in two widths.

  • 145mm Isotherm Roll size 5000L x 1500W (Two Rolls of 750mm Side by side to give the width of 1500mm) These rolls are ideal for tiled roofs with the main beam widths of approximately 700mm. This makes for a nice tight fit with no air gaps.
  • 145mm Isotherm Roll size 5000L x 1200W (One Roll 1200mm Wide) This roll is ideal for sheeting roofs that have the Beams at 1150 mm wide.

How to Cut Isotherm Insulation

Isotherm Insulation can’t be cut with a saw in the roll as for example Think Pink Aerolite. The Isotherm has a high tensile strength. The best way to cut the insulation down to size when installing as a DIY installer or builder is to tear the insulation.

Isotherm Thermal Insulation can’t be torn along the length the insulation can only be torn across the width. Ideally, our installers will do this as they are installing the insulation. This might seem like a lot of work however the process is done very rapidly, and an average home is insulated by our installers in about two hours.

All customers that are opting for a DIY installation option will have our delivery man show you how to cut the Isotherm.

Isotherm Insulation Price

We are pretty confident that our Isotherm Insulation Price is the best in the country. For the best prices, for Isotherm Insulation call our office or complete one of our Contact Us or Request a Quote. Alternatively, visit our Isotherm Pricelist Page.

  • In fact, we stock all types of Isotherm and all sizes.
  • For the best Isotherm Installed Price you are at the right place.

Isotherm Thermal Insulation

For a lifetime of energy saving and comfort Install Isotherm Thermal Insulation in the roof space of your home. In fact, because Isotherm Insulation has a 30-year manufacturer guarantee you can be assured of a lifetime of energy saving and comfort.

The fact is that good quality Thermal Insulation for your Roof space will save energy and pay for itself in two to three years on energy saving alone. Installing the correct Roof Insulation with the R-value for your region is critical. The R-value for the Western Cape as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria is 3.70. This is found in the 145mm Isotherm Thermal Insulation.

In fact, when installed this insulation exceeds the R-value requirements with an installed Value of 3.76. This is great as the Thermal Insulation properties exceed the recommended requirements. Read more on Isotherm Thermal Insulation.

Does Your Home Need Insulation?

This is a very simple question to answer. In fact just looking at your electricity bill in winter or summer should tell you. Also coming home to a very hot home in summer and a freezing cold home in winter.

Isotherm insulation reduces the heat flow into the home by as much as 90% in summer and reduces the loss of heat in the home in winter. This in turn reduces the need for costly heating or cooling. Read more






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