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If Your Home Is Hot In Summer And Cold In Winter We Have An Affordable Solution For All Homes.

Isotherm Insulation The Only Dust Free & Allergy Free Insulation In SA

The Isotherm Insulation is a polyester Roof Insulation manufactured from recycled PET. (Coke, Fanta bottles, etc.) Therefore Isotherm is regarded as one of the most Eco-friendly Roof Insulation materials on the market; for this reason, polyester, Isotherm is the number one Home Insulation of choice. Additionally, the added benefits of Dust-free and Allergy Free Insulation for roofs have been popular. Specifically for those with Dust allergies etc.

In fact, with Global Warming and Climate change affecting weather patterns worldwide, it is now more than ever crucial that we insulate our homes. Therefore ISOTHERM is one of the most Eco-friendly insulation products available.

The fact is, 145mm Isotherm will reduce heat flow into the home by as much as 90%. As a result, a decreased need for heating and cooling. Therefore the impact of global warming is reduced.

For The DIY Installers, We Offer Full Support

Our Isotherm prices are available for all builders as well as developers and the DIY installer. The customers that buy their Insulation from us will get telephonic support. To ensure the insulation is fitted correctly. We have substantial stock levels of all sizes and variants of insulation products.

145mm Isotherm Price

Polyester Isotherm
R 522
  • 5000X1200m | 6m2
  • R-value 3.36
  • Installed R-value 3.76
  • Not SABS Approved

135mm Isotherm Price

Polyester Isotherm
R 479
  • 6000x1200m | 6m2
  • R-value 3.14
  • Installed R-value 3.54
  • Not SABS Approved

100mm Isotherm Price

Polyester Isotherm
R 375
  • 6000x1200m | 7.2m2
  • R-value 1.57
  • Installed R-value 1.97
  • Not SABS Approved

75mm Isotherm Price

Polyester Isotherm
R 375
  • 8000x1200m | 9.6m2
  • R-value 1.18
  • Installed R-value 1.58
  • Not SABS Approved

50mm Isotherm Price

Polyester Isotherm
R 329
  • 10,000x1200m | 12m2
  • R-value 0.63
  • Installed R-value 1.03
  • Not SABS Approved

Isotherm Reduces Energy Consumption

Homes insulation with Isotherm will maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature. As a result, Isotherm will reduce the need for heating and cooling.

Studies in the USA indicate that homes insulated with sufficient roof insulation will recover the insulation cost in 3 years on energy saving alone.

Polyester Isotherm Insulation

Polyester insulation products like Isotherm are Dust-free and Allergy-free. As a result, Isotherm is popular for many DIY insulation installers.

For this reason, we supply direct to the public and we offer support on how to install the Isotherm. Check out our Isotherm DIY video for more info.

Isotherm Is Eco-friendly

The big advantage of polyester insulation products like Isotherm is that they are eco-friendly. Isotherm is produced from PET plastic bottles like Sprite etc. It results in a soft touch itch-free roof insulation.

Isotherm Is Eco-friendly

An improvement of 5 – 8 degrees with the 145mm Isotherm installed in your roof. Additionally, Isotherm will pay for itself in 2-3 years on energy saving due to reduced heating and cooling requirements.

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