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Isotherm insulation is dust and allergy free.
It contains no hazardous chemicals
and is friendly to the environment.

Isotherm Insulation is an eco friendly insulation product manufacture from PET plastic bottles. This makes the Isotherm one of the safest and eco friendly products on the market as the Isotherm is itself recycalable.

Isotherm Insulation

Isotherm Insulation for your roof space is one of the most important decisions that you will make for your home and family. Isotherm Insulation is dust free and allergy free with great thermal insulation properties.

In fact it has been proven that with Isotherm insulation and the use of heating and cooling the cost of insulation will be recovered in a few years. Thereafter giving you years of benefits at no extra cost. In fact Insulation is compulsory in all new homes.

We have a energy crisis in South Africa and insulation is important to save energy.

isotherm insulation

More About Isotherm Insulation

Isotherm Insulation Installed

  • Homes with standard roof cavity space.
  • Loft rooms including side walls.
  • Flat roof homes we bring our roofing team and lift sheets or tiles. Once insulated we refit roof and re seal.
  • We insulate Garage roofs with no ceilings as well.
  • Factory roofs.
  • Install insulation in Suspended ceilings.
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centres and Office Blocks.
  • Sound Proofing Night clubs and pubs.
  • Roof Vacuum removal of dust and Cellulose fibre paper Insulation. Ceiling vacuum for older homes or homes with paper insulation.

Isotherm Insulation Energy Savingisotherm insulation energy saving

Isotherm insulation cost could be recovered in two or three years in homes that are using heating and cooling. Thereafter giving many years of energy saving and comfort in the home.

In fact Isotherm Insulation will reduce the heat in the home by 4 degrees to 10 degrees on very hot days. This will reduce need for expensive air conditioner use. Running an air conditioner in homes with the cost of energy is expensive. This is specifically why this new legislation regarding insulation has been put in place.

By the same token the Insulation will retain the warm air in the home in winter. Reducing energy loss giving more comfort in the home. In homes that are insulated with Isotherm Insulation the need for heating in winter will be reduced dramatically. In fact most homes will not need to use much heating. However if heating is used the entire home should feel the benefit. As the Isotherm Insulation retains the heat in the home. The heat will then spread to other areas of the home.

Isotherm Insulation Price List and Cost of Isotherm

For Isotherm Insulation price list give us a call or fill in our contact form. We stock all sizes of Isotherm from 50 mm to the SANS compliant 145 mm. We have Supply only pricing on Isotherm as well as supply and install.

For the DIY guy who has decided to tackle this task on his own. We stock all the insulation products that you may need. We also supply a roll size for tiled roofs as well as sheeting roofs.

The tiled roof insulation rolls are 750mm wide as this is a perfect fit for tiled roofs. So there is no cutting for the DIY enthusiast. The reason that we have this roll specifically cut to size is that it will force the installation to be fitted tightly between the beams. This ensure a tight fit as most beams on a tiled roof are 680mm to 700mm. Please dont think of this as wasting insulation.

In fact not cutting the insulation wider than the beams is a waste of money as the hot air will be forced under the insulation making the home even hotter.

Isotherm Insulation Installers

All our Isotherm Insulation Installers are well trained. In fact most of our Isotherm Installers have been with Roof Insulation Western Cape for a good number of years. All our workmanship is fully supervised from beginning to end. Roof Insulation Western Cape have full comprehensive insurance on all work done incase of a problem. However in all these years we have never yet had to submit a claim.

The benefits of installing your roof insulation with our Isotherm Insulation Installers is you get the best products and the best installation. Remember any insulation not installed correctly is a waste of money as the home can become hotter. Dont take a chance be sure to use professional Isotherm Insulation Installers and save.

The price of Isotherm Installed by professional Isotherm Installers will be far less as we buy in bulk. In fact most home owners pay more for product than what we install for.


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